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An Enduring Belief in Fathers

Over his career, Dr. Hershel Swinger had long observed that fathers were most often left out of programs designed to strengthen troubled low-income urban families and prevent child abuse and neglect. But he firmly believed that fathers wanted what was best for their kids. To that end, he devised Project Fatherhood SM to give fathers the tools to participate actively in the rearing and well-being of their children.

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Keynote Speakers: Dr. Cheryl Grills, Father Greg Boyle & Dr. Earl Johnson

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“We know that if a man is a success at parenting, all the other aspects of his life will fall into place. The benefits to children, and ultimately to society, are exponential.”
– Dr. Hershel K. Swinger

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Keynote Speakers announced for 7th Annual Fatherhood Solution Conference (June 13, 2014) Los Angeles, CA

Father Involvement – It’s a Game Changer!

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Richard Cabral just added to the Fatherhood Solution Conference

RICHARD CABRAL, directed by ROBERT EGAN joins the 2014 Fatherhood Solution Conference with FIGHTING SHADOWS

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